About Us

Donnatella Cosmetics® offers everything for the season’s trends! A high quality brand of make-up and skin care for women, Donnatella Cosmetics® is creation of Italian-Venezuelan Carmela Vivenzio, who named the brand after her daughter, Donnatella, when she started it in 2005. The company’s products are for the everyday woman; however they have also been used in film, television and print. Soon after launching the brand, Carmela met an enthusiastic young woman from Honduras name Alice Yacaman whose dream since a young age was to be a professional make-up artist for film and television. Alice trained and honed her skills in the famous Joe Blasco Makeup Center in Orlando, Florida. DC’s professional artists help women find their ideal make-up that corresponds to their skin ton and face shape. The artists also provide their services for weddings and other special occasions. To bring the knowledge to your fingertips, they give lessons in auto-makeup. Always looking towards the future, Donnatella Cosmetics® aspires to take its brand to international markets, to share it’s quality beauty inspiration with women beyond Miami’s shores.

2271 NW 20th Street
Miami, Florida 33142
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